IRCplus Networks

IRCplus is supported by the following networks:  (Meaning that access for additional connections has been configured/allowed)

We hope to add additional networks as requested (if the networks accept requests for additional access) and as we are approached by representatives of networks.

Network: IRC Server Address(es): Contact:


  • 6667 Plaintext
  • 6697 SSL (recommended)
support @

siniStar @

Configure your Network for IRCplus clients

IRCplus+ uses the IPv4 address  and the IPv6 address 2607:5300:201:3100::7a18  IRCplus+ uses the hostname

IRCplus is setup with identd.  (This helps us to easily identify & prevent abuse.)

Contact us if your network has setup for IRCplus clients

If your IRC network has already configured for IRCplus clients, please contact us and let us know at support @ — we’d be happy to add your network to the list above.