The following document describes the Policies for IRC+ PyLink.  By linking your network or channel with IRC+, you agree to be bound by and enforce the below policies:


1) Ensure your Services Package will be compatible and not conflict:

   Anope (CLONES or SESSIONS) modules must be disabled/commented out.  atheme (SESSIONS) must be set to KLINE or AKILL.  (G-lines, K-lines, Q-lines, etc) do not propogate through the UIN networks and will not cause incompatibility or compliance issues.

The following actions are not allowed on channels that your network doesn’t own:

  1.    Mode Changes (unless you are opped in the channel by the network that owns the channel).  Any mode changes to a channel from a remote network that does not own the channel will be blocked instead of taking effect.  (This includes bans, quiets, exempts, etc)
  2.    KILLs are blocked before actually hitting their target.  (It may look like the KILL took place on the network issuing the KILL, but if it is a remotely linked network user; it will not affect the user.)  Keep in mind that if repeated kills are attempted by a network on a remote user, IRC+ will temporarily delink the network trying to issue the KILLs to prevent floods by Services, etc  [This is also why it is important AND required for you to set your Services Package to AKILL or KLINE instead of KILL on clones/session limits, and other automated abuse prevention tactics]
  3.    If a remotely shared channel removes the ability for your network to link to it, there is probably a reason.  Do not pester Linked Network Staff into letting you link to their channels when they have set restrictions.  IRC+ Administration will not intervene.

The following actions are expected of Linked Networks:

  1.    You must link to #IRCPlus-Staff.  This is where sensitive (or oper) discussions relating to IRC+ and Linked Networks takes effect.
  2.    The administator in charge of the IRC+ Link will be added to the mailing list. (List is available only to Linked Networks – outside mail will be rejected)  Additional staff can be added by contacting siniStar, however; if you add more than 1 staff member for a network, each “Administrator” of the network should come to a consensus on votes (since only 1 vote is allowed, per network)
  3.    You are required to share at least one channel on your network. (We would encourage you to share more)  But of course, what channels you share is up to you and your staff, just as linking remote channels from networks is up to you and your staff (excluding #IRCPlus-Staff, which is required)
  4.    Linked Network Administrators and their Staff are bound to the IRC+ Network Policies and agree to comply and enforce them.
  5.    No spy modules are allowed to be in use on your network, or any IRC+ link.  Spy modules are un-ethical and illegal in some areas.  Any linked network found to be engaging in spying activities of channels OR private messages will be instantly delinked without a Call For Vote (CFV)
  6.    Although the IRC+ and linked networks are an un-moderated medium, the IRC+ administration will cooperate fully with any officially recognized law enforcement body to the best of its capability when required to do so by force of law.  IRC+ is under no circumstances to be used for illegal/abusive activities. Observed and verifiable instances may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Voting Process for New Applications & Delink CFVs (Call For Votes)

  •    Each IRC+ Network Link will be able to cast 1 vote on Link/Delinks.
  •    The voting period can last as long as 7 days from the initial submission of the application.  However, if all Linked Network Admins vote sooner, the application may go into review quicker.
  •    If a network does not vote during a vote for a link or a delink, it will be automatically considered a “NO” to the vote in question.

Floods & Abuse on Linked Networks/Channels

  If you have access on the linked channel being flooded, you may attempt to intervene and stop the floods.  If you do not have access or proper modes given by the flooded network, you cannot attempt to “help” as your KILLs or mode changes will be bounced.

   You have the following options available to you:

  •    If you have proper modes in the channel, given to you by a operator or service on the flooded network; you may use up to the given ability’s potential to curb or stop the floods by mode changes, respectively compatible with the Linked Network’s IRCd software.
  •    If you do not have access or any modes in the flooded channel, try to contact staff of flooded/abused network and see if they are around to intervene.
  •    If you do not have access or any modes in the flooded channel, as a last resort to stop the floods/abuse; you may temporarily delink it (/msg IRCplus delink #channel) and then re-link it later when the floods or abuse has stopped.


  •    The administration of the IRCPlus does not log or monitor any traffic that may pass through their servers for content or clarity. By retaining a connection or link, you state that you know and are willing to comply and accept these as well as any future terms of service, policies, and guidelines.
  •    No responsibility for computer damage, data loss, or any other damage shall be implied by IRCPlus, IRC4Fun, linked networks, staff or volunteers. By using any server linked to IRC+ Networks, you hereby state and agree that you release IRC+ Networks, linked networks, administrators, operators, and any other volunteer from all responsibility or legal liability which might result from your use of IRC servers.
  •    IRC+ Networks administrators reserve the right to deny access to and use of the IRC+ Networks and/or any of its other resources without the benefit of prior warning or notification if necessary
  •    IRCPlus reserves the right to update these terms at any time, with, or without prior notification