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As of yesterday, the link (which served only #IRC4Fun and linked #IRC4Fun across the many networks it is on) was G-lined off of their network with a message saying that it was an ‘ircnow bridge’.  Initially, I thought this might be an error because ircnow did register a domain similar to IRC4Fun‘s, called ircfun.  (Our domains have been registered for 15+ years, so this would be an easy thing to see, I imagined..  NOPE!)

*** @IRCplus ( has quit (G-lined: ircnow bridge)

So I thought, oh — they mistook us for ircnow.  Let me ask about it in their help channel:

g1nhello everyone, one of hextilde users told me that we had some user with suspicious activity and they were doing some strange things here on, i have locked their account, i am sorry if anyone had problems with them
xwindowsI’m curious, what ident that was? (If you have no problem sharing)
jmjlwait a minute, g1n setup identd
xwindowsI vaguely recognize that, though I didn’t remember anything “weird” about that screen name myself.
jmjlhe was the one using replit to get pylinks going on
***  Channel mode is +AHfnrt 50:1d 5:2
siniStarHi — I was wanting to inquire about a gline that seems to be mis-directed. We are not part of ircnow. I understand they have a similar domain (, but we’ve existed for 15 years and again are not affiliated. 08:13:26 PM *** @IRCplus ( has quit (G-lined: ircnow bridge) I believe it was likely set by palm93, as
siniStarthey joined before the gline and left afterwards.
@palm93I’d love to be able to set glines, but alas, I am no netop
demuresiniStar: to confirm, you are saying irc4fun and ircfun are unaffiliated, and just happen to be very close?
siniStaryou can WHOIS our domain
siniStarlol, we are not affiliated
demure*close names
siniStarwe’ve had the irc4fun domain for 15 years
siniStari am not sure when they registered one similar to ours, though i have seen it, as i have had similar instances of people mistaking us
demuresiniStar: are you aware of ?
siniStaryes, that is our PyLink which links our channel (and only that channel)
demureso, you see that it includes ircnow, and some how someone added tilde without consulting tilde
siniStaromg. for real? we can’t our own channel? (as relay bots do)
siniStarnever mind, stupid policy – but thanks
*** Closing link: ( [quit: *.i *.quit ] (irc)

So unfortunately, due to’s beef with IRCnow (completely unaffiliated with IRCplus or IRC4Fun), our PyLink was G-lined so that some oper could exercise their e-penis.  This is a horrible way to run a network, but now that we’ve witnessed it – we don’t desire to return and would advise users of that network to pick a better place to setup their channels.


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